Brooke T. | Santa Ana, California

February 8 2017 Bark busters rating

It was very helpful. I really like how everything doesn't rely on treats and rewarding the dog. It was very helpful in addressing issues I failed to recognize in my dog and correcting them. It also helped me understand why my dog acts a specific way and how to be able to correct these issues. It is really nice to see that my dog responds to the exercises to see the improvement in the behaviors. There is still a lot to work on but the exercises helped a lot and I can't wait to work for more improvement.


Brooke T. | Santa Ana, California

February 8 2017 Bark busters rating

It was very helpful. I really like how everything is not relied on treats and rewarding the dog. It was very helpful in addressing issues I failed to recognize in my dog and correcting them. It also helped me understand why my dog acts a specific way and how to be able to correct these issues. It is really nice to see that my dog responds to the exercises to see the improvement in the behaviors. There is still a lot to work on but the exercises helped a lot and I can't wait to work for more improvement.


Nicole D. | Fullerton, California

January 27 2017 Bark busters rating

Frank has been SUCH a great help -- what a fantastic resource! I am so thankful for his guidance. He's given us some great insight on helping us acclimate our 3-month-old puppy to her new home. Being able to chat one-on-one with someone about feeding + potty schedules (and any other issues as they arise) is making this whole process much more manageable. So thankful!

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Ron F. | anaheim, California

January 23 2017 Bark busters rating

Frank was everything we could have hoped and to be honest more than that. He's a total pro

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Rick & Nancy E. | Placentia, California

October 3 2016 Bark busters rating

Excellent advice, equipment and techniques on dog training.

Murphy, our dog, responded very well.

My wife and I will continue his training.

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Sandi W. | Irvine, California

August 30 2016 Bark busters rating

I have worked with several trainers to address a fearful young Jack Russel with major aggression issues towards dogs of any size. I had doubts as to expectations with and $ involved with another trainer, but my dog's problems only became more difficult to deal with for both of us. Walks were dreaded as major avoidance maneuvers were required to avoid coming near other dogs when out along with the fact that I was being pulled by a very strong, small animal to go where she wanted. The two of us did not have a favorable reputation among dog owners in the apartment community. Clearly I had to try again to get some relief for both of us.

Two days following our initial 2 hour session with Frank from Bark Busters, Maggie and I had a walk with NO pulling--what a difference! Even more amazing was one of the most formerly intimidating dogs in our community walked by with absolutely no aggressive response from Maggie. Another unexpected surprise a neighbor calling to me from across the street to say what a good job my dog was doing! The cues and collar provided made a difference to say the least!

The initial meeting gave us much to work on. However, my early favorable results has left me strongly motivated to work on our daily training with the direction provided. Additional questions were answered in the follow-up call three days after our first session. I not only appreciate that no harsh, loud verbal communications were involved, but that so many issues were addressed, modeled and practiced during the initial session. Having the training in our own environment made the suggestions and practice all the more relevant.

I could not be happier with my experience to date.

A big THANK YOU to Frank for a great beginning with Maggie!

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Jennifer C. | Irvine, California

August 9 2016 Bark busters rating

Frank was phenomenal! It was only his first visit and our dogs were as calm as I had ever seen them. My dogs ALWAYS pull on me when going for walks, but miraculously Frank was able to get them to walk side by side with us. He provided the perfect harness for our pups. If just the first training looked like this, I am so excited to see what the rest of his visits will do. My boyfriend and I have definitely taken Frank's advice/ lessons and are working with our dogs daily. We know this training will be successful with our beautiful dogs!! Thank you, Frank and Bark Busters!

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EARL B. | YORBA LINA,, California

June 5 2015 Bark busters rating

It went really well, We were surprised how quickly KIT adapted to everything that Frank was showing him.

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Ashley C. | garden Grove, California

February 23 2015 Bark busters rating

Frank is absolutely a maser trainer.. I recently adopted a chiweenie at OC shelter.. she has been very fearful of people/ other dogs.. to the point she would go after them.. in fear she may bite, I called Frank to help me out. Penny is doing so much better even after a couple of days, I've been using Franks advice..I am very pleased.. and would recommend him to ANYONE in need of dog training.

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Wendy F. | Santa Ana, California

February 23 2015 Bark busters rating

We have used Frank at Bark Busters for years. He has been our trainer for multiple dogs and we have always had great service. He listens to the problems and then comes up with a plan of action for us to complete until all of the issues have been addressed and under control. The best part is that I know no matter what if we have a problem arise I am not on my own I just pick the phone up and call Frank and he comes out and helps us with the problem. I highly recommend this company to anyone who is in need of help with there dog.

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Robert Y. | Huntington beach, California

February 23 2015 Bark busters rating

We recently rescued a white Labrador named Lumen. There was definitely evidence that she was not treated very well as she was scared of people and other animals. She would bark and show signs of aggression which concerned my wife and I. We hoped that we could turn things around and build some confidence in Lumen. Well, that's where Frank came in. His knowledge and techniques helped us turn Lumen's behavior 180 degrees. She is much more relaxed with others and now walks great on a leash. What a change!

Thanks Frank....

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Chris L. | Costa Mesa, California

February 23 2015 Bark busters rating

I thank you for all your help thru the years.. To have a nice calm trainer. I learned so much. when I have question. Your always there to help remind me of proper dog care. And how important it is to always keep training the dogs in a safe healthy manner. I Jack Russell terriers. They are the kind of dogs that like to train their person before. There person trains them. You made this possible. I adopted a 7yr old female show dog that only know how to stand.. now she comes, sits and does tricks, fallows the rules. I've been able to train the puppy so many things do to the cofidence we all have together. I've used other trainers and classes. The best results came from you Frank. Best of all we laerned on love to treats. your the best life time gift i could give my dogs.

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Miles K. | Fountain Valley, California

February 22 2015 Bark busters rating

We rescued a shepherd mix 3 years ago at the age of 1½ years old. She has always been very fearful around other dogs and some people who have lead to uncontrollable aggressive behavior. We also had a hard time getting her to walk on leash with pulling. We have used 3 different trainers/behaviorist with little to no improvement.

We found Bark Busters on the internet and decided to give Frank Raimondi a call. During our initial conversation, Frank was very informative, personable, and professional without feeling rushed. We immediately got a good feeling from him and liked the fact that his style of training was all “natural”, no choke or prong collars, no physical force, no clicker or treat usage, and no negative verbal commands.

Our first meeting set the whole experience. Frank spent the first hour explaining everything in

easy to understand language. We began training soon after and noticed an immediate change in our dogs demeanor. We were so impressed we decided to sign up for a year.

He called the next morning to check on us. We had an incident occur the next day that could have totally set our dog off but using Frank’s techniques made a huge difference.

Frank called again after another couple of days to check how things were going.

Having been through so much with other trainers and no results, we were extremely happy that Frank could read and recommend the proper training for our dog.

Knowing what we know now, we would highly recommend Frank Raimondi to anyone wanting to do the most for their dog. Skip all the others and go directly to the Best.

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Roger & Caroline P. | Placentia, California

February 21 2015 Bark busters rating

There is no way that i can adequately express my gratitude enough for the help that Frank has given me, my wife and our miniature dachshund. Franks gentle demeanor is refreshing. He definitely understands my dog but more than that... Frank understands people. He is a great teacher to us humans as well as our dog. He has the patience of a saint! We purchased the lifetime plan and i was a little hesitant at first about spending money for help in advance of recieving the services. If you have the same reservation you should know that my experience has been nothing but positive. Frank returns phone calls and emails very promptly. He bent over backwards to work around OUR schedule to meet with us. I can tell that frank genuinely loves his job - its seems to me that it really isnt as much of a job for Frank as it is a calling and a passion for him. I have never written a review for anyone on anything, but Frank absolutely gets my highest recommendation.


Nikki N. | Placentia, California

January 10 2015 Bark busters rating

I have completed public and private training with all of our dogs. Our last English Mastiff and I trained over a year and competed in Rally Obedience and actually ribboned! Going from a 235 pound dog to a 16 pound Havanese I failed miserably in the training! We actually put Ozzie (our Havanese) in a public training session as I thought it would be better for him to be around other dogs. Needless to say he took 1st place in the training class however the trainer was afraid of him and if given a chance he would have eaten every dog in this class. We lived with this aggressive behavior and constant barking for 2 years after this training ended. We did notice his aggression getting worse over these 2 years, and I kept making excuses. Then the biting started...He would attack anyone invited to enter our home. The dog walks ceased as his aggression toward other dogs had worsened. I searched the internet and actually read all the reviews I could find for Bark Busters. I was still hesitant as it is really hard to believe the reviews that one class could make a difference in a dogs behavior. Lets be honest... I was desperate so I called and set an appointment with Frank. After our first meeting with Frank I am a believer..... When my husband came home after Ozzie and I met with Frank he was shocked to see the difference. Frank has a very soft demeanor, is very patient and his techniques work!!! Training a dog does take time and consistancy but the rewards are life changing. Frank with be with us for Ozzie's lifetime and it is so refreshing to know if I have a problem I can pick up the phone and he will either answer my questions on the phone or come to the house!! I would highly recommend Frank and Bark Busters to anyone.......Thanks Frank and welcome to our family!

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Andrea R. | Santa Ana, California

December 18 2014 Bark busters rating

We rescued a staffordshire/boxer mix a year ago named Apollo. Apollo barked uncontrollably, jumped on people as they entered the house, was beyond bad on leash, and started showing some aggression. I chose Bark Busters based on the reviews about Frank.

During our first meeting, Frank spent two hours teaching us how to gently show Apollo that we, the humans, are in charge. The jumping and barking issues when someone came to the front door improved greatly, much repetition with the exercises has almost completely resolved this issue. During our second appointment Frank worked with us on walking Apollo. This was a piece of cake, Frank had tricks up his sleeve that almost immediately turned our dog into one that could cruise the neighborhood without embarrassment on our behalf.

Frank is very patient with his clients and their dogs and I look forward to more training for all of us.

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Maureen S. | Costa Mesa, California

November 8 2014 Bark busters rating

Our trainer Frank was able to make a difference in our dog within 30 minutes. Amazing help in barking, jumping on us when we come home and most of all the protective aggressive behavior that our dog had developed. We now feel more confident we are training in the right way and our guests entering our home are now safe. Kemba now knows we are again the master of the house! We are so excited to learn more and more each week with pulling, digging and begging.

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Anne W. | Garden Grove, California

November 5 2014 Bark busters rating

We love Frank !

My one year old Bichon Cooper had been attacked by two Pitt Bulls and

had lost all his confidence.

Frank worked with the both of us to help him gain it back. It worked.

We also worked on all he needed to know to make him the best dog.

Franks patience and calm really works for us.I was surprised when I called Frank the other day which was 3 yrs later, as I had a new problem with Cooper and the mailman.Frank responded immediately and came right over to give me some


He never judges me when I slip up and is always ready to get you back on


I would not hesitate to recommend him,in fact I already have.

I would give Frank more than 5 stars if I could.

Anne Wade and Cooper

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Marsha S. | Huntington Beach, California

November 5 2014 Bark busters rating

Frank of Bark Busters Home Dog Training has literally changed my life with my dog, Sitka. Frank is very professional, patient, and reassuring. After one lesson, the problem with barking was 98% eliminated. I had rescued a 1 1/2 yr old American Eskimo from a shelter last November. They did not know how long he had been on the streets. I soon learned that shelter dogs frequently come with "issues'. Frank has guided me to know how to control my dog in a very positive yet effective manner. I like the packet of materials I received at the first lesson...I like having them to review to refresh my memory in technique. All has been very positive with Frank and bark Busters.

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Josette J. | Anaheim, California

November 5 2014 Bark busters rating

Josette Jordan

in the last week

I recently rescued a 2 year old pitbull who was abused and came with some issues. I wanted to get him some training asap but needed to find the right trainer. I called bark busters and Frank returned my call right away. I briefly explained the issues we were having and he knew exactly how to handle the situation. Frank came out to our house just a few days later. He had me do some exercises with Malo and then sat down and explained everything in detail. I noticed a difference in Malo's behavior immediately. I now have the tools and knowledge to continue to get him on the right track. Frank was awesome! he took his time and answered all my questions. I'm truly thankful to Frank and would highly recommend him for any training needs.

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Rebecca H. | Orange, California

October 7 2014 Bark busters rating

Absolutely one of the best experiences with dog training, hands down. I'd tried so many things before I stumbled on Bark Busters and was about ready to give up hope. My dog was rambunctious, too much energy for me to handle properly, and he would only listen half the time. He had small prey and leash aggression, and I almost had to get rid of him.

When I begged for Frank's assistance he worked fast to put my mind at ease, and with the techniques he gave me I saw immediate results.

The price for a LIFETIME of service is more than fair, it's the best investment you'll ever make. The training is humane, no shock collars or pinch collars necessary. He explained things and made them easier and because of this, my dog is well behaved, calmer, and we have a stronger bond than ever. Needless to say, as far as my dog and I are concerned, Frank saved both our lives.

Dog training is a constant need and maintenance is key. It should be priceless, the relationship that you can develop with your animal. But let me tell you, the thing you really need to understand is how much bang you get for your buck. I can call Frank up at any time and he gets back to me same day. All for one low price.

If you're having aggression problems, behavior adjustment, you need help getting your dog used to cats--A to Z Frank at Bark Busters is the man to call!

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Shannon Pouliot | Orange

June 26 2012

The Vet I work for recommends Bark Busters and I had met Frank a couple of times. At the time I didn't have a dog that needed training (our boy was "perfect"). My partner and I adopted a dog in October and have been spending time trying to help her adapt. We found her to have been abused or mistreated. Doing almost anything to her would set back the trust we built so I called Frank who, suggested we wait a while to let her settle in before challenging her behavior. When we decided it was time, Frank came to our home to address our needs with the complete understanding of our unique situation. He helped us realize that some of her behavior is due to her uncertainty of her place in our home and that she can respond with the right kind of communication. Thanks to Franks understanding, we have been able to take more deliberate baby steps and have made slow but some progress. Thanks Frank and Bark Busters for knowing your biz!!


Sa | Yorba Linda

April 11 2012

Frank Raimondi is incredible! My pit bull Amber is doing so much better after her shelter stints and animal rescue foster home. It's because I am learning what to consistently do myself. Thanks to Frank, I know how to positively reinforce Amber in her training, and I am getting super positive results. Frank exudes a calm leadership that Amber and I both appreciate. Frank is also always prompt with answering emails and phone calls for any questions I have. A huge thank you to Bark Busters for the best owner and dog training out there!

Myrna | Anaheim

July 9 2011

Frank helped us integrate a newly adopted dog with our "resident" dog. From the very first session we saw a big change. Our resident dog, Bella, was used to running up and down our fence line chasing anything and anybody that walked by our house. We always thought that it was a "cute" behavior but this was causing problems with our newly adopted dog, Kaya. Frank helped us understand that Bella's behavior was a dominant act. At the very first session, Frank taught us how to control Bella's behavior. This not only improved her interactions with Kaya but also made Bella a calmer dog. Another great achievement for us, was learning how to control our dogs reaction to people coming to our door. We are now able to greet people at the door without having the dogs cause chaos. We liked Frank's methods because he focused on teaching us to be calm assertive pack leaders without the use of force or treats. Kaya and Bella are getting along great and our home is happy and calm.

Michael Torano, DVM, Anaheim Hills Animal Clinic | Anaheim Hills

April 17 2008

It was hard to believe the quick results that we got. I am referring my clients to you and talking up your methods. Your program is simply EXCELLENT. It will make life better for a lot of dogs and their owners. Frank, thanks a ton.

Steve & Heather E. | Anaheim Hills

March 13 2008

The results after our first training session were amazing. Frank is an awesome trainer. We are excited to use the Bark Busters technique.

Charles N | Yorba Linda

March 13 2008

Paco was very quick to respond to the Bark Busters training. We learned a lot about dog & human interaction. We were very comfortable with Frank and the training techniques. We can't wait to recommend Bark Busters.

Rebekah G. | Orange

March 13 2008

Within 5 minutes of working with Kuma on his first lesson, Frank had already trained Kuma not to jump on people. I was shocked, since I had been unsuccessfully trying to teach him the same thing for a year and a half. The training was absolutely effective in training the dogs. Growling took some getting used to because it goes against my nature. But it's in their nature and it works. That's what is important. I have always known that I have wonderful, sweet dogs, and now everybody else is going to get a chance to see that. I am spending more quality time with my dogs now too. If a person really loves their dog the best thing they can do for it is to train him/her. The good training that Bark Busters offers actually helps your dogs personality to flourish. Now I can take my dogs with me more places and enjoy their company more. Now other people can enjoy Kuma & Tala [wolf hybrids] with me. I have been recommending Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors.

Lacy C. | Chino

March 13 2008

Frank was very through in teaching me how to be a leader and let me know that my dog was capable of behaving the way I would like her to. Tinkerbelle was completely submissive, but she was still a happy dog so I knew I didn't hurt her feelings with the training. I also liked not having to use physical force. Frank reminded me and showed me to be calm while training Tinkerbelle. I am excited to start my training homework with her. I would recommend Bark Busters, especially to those that don't care for physical force to train their dogs. I am so happy that Frank came to visit us. I feel that all three of my dogs will have a happy obedient future.

Pat C. | Anaheim Hills

March 13 2008

Frank has a very strong knowledge base tempered with soothing mannerisms. His presentation was easily understood. Sabrina completely responded to Bark Busters techniques and Franks gentle encouragement. No more door rushing! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Incredibly effective. Now my herding dog doesn't chase cars! WOW!! It's easy to recommend a program that is so immediately effective and a trainer - Frank - who compliments the program so well. Many thanks to Frank, WOW!